Due to the holiday rush, the last day we can accept online orders is December 21st.  Please be sure to place any time sensitive orders by then!  (Large orders should be placed earlier, as soon as possible.)


Does Judy Pound Cakes have a store location?
No, but Judy Pound Cakes can be found in many stores throughout Memphis, anywhere in the country on our website, and on QVC!  (And they ship great!)

What sizes of cake does Judy Pound Cakes sell?
Currently, Judy Pound Cakes sells a Small (6 in round, serves 6-8) and a Large (10in round, serves 12-20).  But keep an eye out for occasional or seasonal shapes and favors!

Can I order a large number of Judy Pound Cakes?
Yes!  You can place your order through our website, or contact us at 901-849-0649 or for more information.

Do I have to eat my Pound Cake as soon as I get it?
No! Judy Pound Cakes can be frozen for up to six months and still be delicious.

Isn't a pound cake just a dessert?
No!  A pound cake is a Southern delicacy with a deep history and a rich tradition.  That's why Judy Pound Cakes thinks a pound cake should be enjoyed at a picnic or tailgate, at home for breakfast or dessert, as a housewarming gift, at every single holiday, as a wedding cake, and any other time -- just because!

Got other questions or just want to tell us how much you love Judy Pound Cakes?
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