About Judy


Judy Pound Cakes began from that most Southern of traditions: giving delicious treats to the friends and family you love.
Judy Douglass has been baking pound cakes her whole life. Using her mother’s recipe, she gave her cakes to friends and loved ones during the holidays and offered them as comfort food when words simply wouldn't work. She brought them to tailgates in Oxford, shared them at picnics after church and left them at family-members' homes as a thank-you for hosting a holiday feast. Soon, her friends began to ask Judy to make her delicious cakes for their own special occasions and Judy Pound Cakes was born. For more than two decades, Judy has sold her cakes by word-of-mouth, and now she sells them in local Memphis shops as well. Judy has been featured on QVC -- the cakes were such a hit that they received best in "David Venable's First Bite" award! 

Let Judy Pound Cakes make your next event a delicious one! 

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